I am a geographer and archaeologist and use the concepts and tools of these disciplines in my fine art practice.


My work looks at identity, particularly at elements of separation, competition and disharmony between the experiential, narrator/autobiographical and public/persona selves. I explore alternative and parallel narratives in relation to these different selves. I am also interested in the sense of place and location.


I favour monochrome or subdued palettes, often working with layers and incorporating photography, digital imaging, printmaking, collage and drawing. I use a wide range of source materials, including found imagery and objects, comics and magazines, product catalogues, newspapers, book pages and board games, and make 2D work, 3D sculptural and assemblage forms, artist's books and installations.


I have been making digital collages for a number of years, but lately have also been making cut-and-paste collages. I often use random methods to select and place collage elements, but the construction of the work tends to be formal, based on geometric shapes and grids.


My work is widely shown and has been selected for exhibitions throughout the UK, and in New York, Venice, Vienna, Athens and Rome.


A selection of work can also be seen on Instagram  #sharonhallshippartist


I live and work in mid Wales.










Sharon Hall Shipp